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Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel Madness

Get ready for an electrifying ride with the "Mega Wheel Madness" by Pragmatic Play: a total prize pool of €/£ 4,160,000 up for grabs – that’s mega-sized wins waiting to be won! Let’s make every spin a win!💰

Terms and Conditions

1. The “Mega Wheel Madness” Network Promotion by Pragmatic Play will be active from 06.03.2024 00:00 UTC to 05.03.2025 23:59 UTC.

2. The Network Promotion comprises of three hundred and twelve (312) daily prize drops (each a “Mega Wheel Prize Drop”) and a total of fifty-two (52) one-day long tournaments (each a “Friday Mega Tournament”) which will run weekly exclusively on Mega Wheel (the “Participating Game*”) throughout the Network Promotion Term, as it follows:

Every Mega Wheel Prize Drop will run from every Wednesday at 19:01 CEST/CET to the next Wednesday at 18:59 CEST/CET, except every Friday of the Promotional Term during the Friday Mega Tournament schedule.

Every Friday Mega Tournament will run every Friday at 19:01 CEST/CET to the following Saturday at 18:59 CEST/CET during the Promotional Term.To participate in any Daily Prize Drops, players must open any of the participating games and join/opt in.

3. The total expected prize pool for the entire Network Promotion is four million one hundred and sixty thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 4,160,000).

4. For the avoidance of doubt, any undistributed portion of the prize pool at the end of any specific Crash & Win Daily Prize Drop shall be carried forward into subsequent stages or into the next Network Promotion.

5. The Network Promotion prizes may be won by players in the form of fixed cash amounts as set out in the respective prize table further below.

6. All prizes won during the Network Promotion Term must be paid out as a fixed cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements.

7. The Network Promotion includes three hundred and twelve (312) Mega Wheel Prize Drops, and fifty-two (52) Friday Mega Tournaments, where each promotional week includes a total of six (6) daily prize drops and one (1) one-day long tournament dedicated to Mega Wheel game (each a “Promotions Day”).

8. In order to be eligible to participate in a Promotion, a player is required to place a real money bet with a minimum of twenty Euro cents (€0.20)* or the equivalent amount in the available currency on the participating game(s) is required (hereinafter a “Qualifying Bet”).

• *Exceptions may apply to Argentina, where the minimum bet requirement is the equivalent of eighteen Euro cents (€0.18).

• Only the first three hundred and fifty (350) Qualifying Bets per day within each Promotion (the “Qualifying Bets Limit”) will be counted towards as eligible for each Promotion. All Qualifying Bets placed after reaching the Qualifying Bets Limit will not be counted towards each Promotion.Only the first eight hundred (800) Qualifying Bets per day within each Crash & Win Daily Prize Drops (the “Qualifying Bets Limit”) will be counted towards as eligible for each Promotion. All Qualifying.

9. Players may win prizes according to the mechanics described below:

Mega Wheel Prize Drops Mechanics:

• To qualify in a Mega Wheel Prize Drop, a player must place a Qualifying Bet (as defined above) on the Participating Game.

• One (1) Qualifying Bet may trigger one (1) prize from the prize pool during each promotion.

• A player may win multiple random prize drops during each Promotion Day.

• The random Mega Wheel Prize Drops rules and prize tables are built in the participating games. The Prize Drops prize table updates in real-time showing the current standings as well as the number of prizes left.

• The Mega Wheel Prize Drops will end daily upon the earlier of: (i) 18:59 CEST/CET or (ii) when there are no more prizes left during the selected promotional dates.

Friday Mega Tournament Mechanics:

• To qualify in a Friday Mega Tournament, a player must place a Qualifying Bet (as defined above) on the Participating Game.

• Prizes will be distributed to winners according to their final position in the leaderboard, when each Friday Mega Tournament ends, in descending order from highest to lowest position depending on the player’s total score.

• The leaderboard is ranked in accordance with the player’s score. The score is based on the total amount of points accumulated on the Participating Game as a to wins multiplier to their bet amount during a Friday Mega Tournament period.

10. Participating game: Mega Wheel.

11. Mega Wheel Prize Drops Win criteria: Any real money bet placed with the required minimum stake in the Participating Game may trigger a random cash prize.

12. Prizes: Expected weekly prize pool of thirty thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 30,000) in total, an expected daily prize pool of five thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 5,000) across five hundred (500) prizes in the form of fixed cash amounts.

13. Mega Wheel Prize Drops Prize Table

Quantity — Prize

1 — €/£ 1000

1 — €/£ 500

1 — €/£ 100

2 — €/£ 50

35 — €/£ 20

60 — €/£ 10

400 — €/£ 5

14. Friday Mega Tournaments Win criteria: Players will be awarded points based on the sum of their win multipliers in relation to the bet amount.

15. Prizes: Expected prize pool of fifty thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 50,000) across five thousand and (5,000) prizes in the form of fixed cash amounts.

Friday Mega Tournaments Prize Table

Rank — Prizes

1. — €/£ 10,000

2. — €/£ 5,000

3. — €/£ 1,000

4. — €/£ 500

5. – 14. — €/£ 100

15. – 40. — €/£ 50

41. – 200. — €/£ 20

201. – 1000. — €/£ 10

1001. – 5000. — €/£ 5

17. Pragmatic Play reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the Network Promotion, Daily Tournaments and/or Daily Prize Drops, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players that have opted-in unless the amendment is required to manage/prevent fraud and other unlawful behaviour.

18. For further information, please contact your dedicated Pragmatic Play Account Manager.

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